Vedanta Wisdom

“Spirituality is the attitude we bring to our material life”- Dr. Janki Santoke

Watch this video by Dr. Janki Santoke on how to deal with problems in life, by developing your intellect.



New to Vedanta? Not to worry. Here are a few simple ways by which you can start and continue your journey of understanding and practising Vedanta. 

  1. Access a treasure trove of articles and videos that bring home the message of Vedanta.
  2. Attend weekly online sessions by Dr. Janki Santoke on diverse aspects of Vedanta.
  3. Learn at your pace by watching recordings of the weekly online sessions.
  4. Enrol into our short, online certificate courses on our learning portal. Click here to go there.
  5. Study the recommended books.


The Vedanta Wisdom Trust is a registered public charitable trust, dedicated to making Vedantic education accessible. Towards the achievement of this cause, towards creating interest in Vedanta and showing its relevance to life and living; it offers the following education channels:

  1. Live, weekly online sessions.
  2. Self-paced, online certificate courses offered through a Learning Management System(LMS).
  3. Special events for the general public.
  4. Courses in collaboration with universities and programs for corporate houses.
  5. Proposed University offering degrees and conducting research.

Weekly sessions and special events have been conducted in the physical and virtual form for over 30 years by Dr. Janki Santoke. These are free and open to everyone.

Courses In

The Vedanta Wisdom Trust collaborates with universities or colleges to educate students to make them life-ready.


Corporate programs are organized for senior management. They bring the sublime knowledge of Vedanta to the boardroom helping executives achieve success without stress.

Proposed Vedanta
Wisdom University

The discipline of the university is Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of life and living. It will train youngsters to become life-ready,
not just career-ready.