Residential Course @ Rishihood University, Sonipat, NCR

New residential module starting Saturday 22nd July, 2023.

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All of us at some stage in our lives wonder about the following:

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What gives us happiness which is permanent and enduring?
  • What causes mental agitation?
  • How can we have a calm mind with clarity of thought resulting in productivity in action?
The Bhagavad Gita, the glorious text on life and living, provides answers to the above questions and inspires us to pursue an enriching path . This ancient wisdom clearly lays down the path to developing a calm mind. It creates focus on the right actions which leads to heightened productivity. Following such a path, one can discover a life of enduring peace and success.

The Course

Vedanta Wisdom Trust in partnership with Rishihood University is offering a 1-month residential course which provides insights on how to lead such an inspired life drawing on the lessons from the Bhagavad Gita.

The course is divided into four weekly modules based on Chapter 5 – कर्मसंन्यासयोग:The Yoga of Renunciation in Action.

Attend One or More Weekly Modules, as per details below:

  1. Module 1: Stages of Human Growth – Verses 1 to 7 (1st – 7th July ’23)
  2. Module 2: Actions for the Different Stages – Verses 8 to 12 (8th – 14th July ’23)
  3. Module 3: The Self-Realized – Verses 13 to 19 (15th – 21st July ’23)
  4. Module 4: The Path to Happiness – Verses 20 to 29 (22nd – 31st July ’23)

The primary course is Vedanta.

Ancillary courses give students exposure to different aspects of life through highly qualified experts of their fields. Thus giving the dual advantage of exposure to the field and to the achievers. These subjects include personal finances, Sanskrit, physics, health, culture etc.

Key Objectives of the Course

As a participant in the course, you will learn and reflect upon:

  • How to be productive in all endeavors by focusing on right action.
  • How to reduce mental agitations and ensure a calm mind.
  • How to develop clarity of thought.
  • What are the different stages of spiritual growth in the quest to develop the above.
  • What are the qualities of a wise person who has realized the secret to living a life of permanent bliss

New residential module starting Saturday 22nd July, 2023.

To know more about and learn how to apply for module 4:

Diversity & Mentorship

A key highlight of this course is the diversity of the student body. People of different ages, professions and geographies will comprise the student body. This diversity will help a good  exchange of ideas and questions. Also mentorship in the projects will help students access experts in the field of their choice.


Who Can Enrol?

  • Anyone who is interested in developing clarity of thought and is in pursuit of lasting happiness.
  • Over 20 years of age with the ability to take part in physical activities as part of the course.

Course Faculty

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The primary course faculty will be Dr Janki Santoke, a lifelong learner, teacher, and practitioner of Vedanta philosophy. She is the founder & Managing Trustee of Vedanta Wisdom Trust dedicated to imparting knowledge and wisdom on right living and enabling one to lead a productive, meaningful life. Over a span of over 35 years, Dr Janki Santoke has authored books & articles on the subject, delivered lectures and classes to propagate the knowledge. For her full profile, kindly click here.

Indicative Daily Schedule

Course Donation

The suggested donation per module is INR 13,000/- and INR 36,000/- for all 3 modules. It includes tuition, boarding, lodging, sports facilities, excursions, study material, minor medical aid, etc. Accomodation will be single AC rooms and will include 4 hot meals per day.


Need-based scholarships will be offered on a case-to-case basis.

Students and staff of recognized universities are eligible for a 50% scholarship.

You are also welcome to sponsor those who want to pursue this knowledge. 

Make Donations

To make a donation for the course, including sponsoring others, go here.

If you are eligible for the 50% Scholarship mentioned above, please click-to-WhatsApp us your identification card, after filling in the application form, and we will send you a special link for making the donation. 

New residential module starting Saturday 22nd July, 2023.

To know more about and learn how to apply for module 4: