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The Happiness Guarantee:

1. The Philosophy of Happiness

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Welcome to ‘The Happiness Guarantee,’ where fleeting joy becomes enduring happiness. This series challenges the chase for elusive joy, unveiling the keys to sustained contentment.

Dr Janki Santoke, with over three decades of teaching this ancient, profound wisdom, explores the heart of Happiness in ‘The Happiness Guarantee 1.The Philosophy of Happiness.’ It delves into the foundational principles, exposing why our pursuit often leads astray. Uncover the role of desire and master the mind for lasting joy. This practical guide rethinks happiness, offering valuable insights in a trilogy that adapts and grows with you.

Parts 2 and 3 provide further mentorship, revealing attitudes to cultivate and daily habits to maintain joy. Dive into this transformative journey and discover that the keys to lasting joy are already in your hands.


1. The Happiness Guarantee – The Philosophy
Embark on a profound journey into the very essence of happiness.
Deeply insightful and essential, “The Philosophy of Happiness” unlocks the overarching theory of joy and contentment. It dives deep into the core tenets, presenting a global understanding and revealing the fundamental principles that form the basis of happiness. For those who seek a comprehensive grasp, this book promises to make every piece of the happiness jigsaw fit seamlessly into a unified whole.

2. The Happiness Guarantee – The Attitudes of Happiness
Illuminate your path to joy through understanding and inspiration.
Positioned firmly in the realm of self-help and personal development, “The Attitudes of Happiness” offers a clarifying guide on translating the philosophy into day-to-day existence. Discover the right values, attitudes, and perspectives that pave the way to a truly content life. This enlightening read promises to answer the ever-present question: “How do I interpret and embody happiness in every moment?”

3. The Happiness Guarantee – The Habits of Happiness
A hands-on approach to crafting a life of delight.
Taking a pragmatic turn, “The Habits of Happiness” serves as your personal handbook to happiness, offering actionable tips and behavioral interventions. Designed with precision, each page introduces one habit to imbue into your daily life, ensuring a step-by-step transformation towards enduring happiness. For those wondering, ‘What tangible steps should I take?’, this book is your answer.

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