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Smart people often do dumb things.

Things that could ruin their careers, their relationships… even their lives.

As if the “devil” took over them at those times.

As if “karma” made them do those things.

Could this happen to us too?

Could we end up making choices that we regret later?

Could we end up taking decisions that have damaging and maybe long lasting effects on us.

Yes! Most certainly!!

Maybe it has already happened.

And in the future, can happen with any one of us, the “smartest” included.

There are reasons why this happens and we need to understand those.

In a systematic, scientific manner.

Starting this Thursday, is the thought-provoking topic “Why do smart people do dumb things?”.

The topics covered will contain:

  1. Why do we forget what we know?
  2. Why do we make bad choices?
  3. What can prevent this?

Come join the lecture series:

  • Starting 16th June, 2022
  • Days: Every Thursday
  • Time: 7-8 pm IST
  • All are welcome. No charges.
  • The series is based on Chapter 7 of the book “How Do You Know What You Know?” and will be conducted personally by the author Dr. Janki Santoke.

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The Author:

Dr. Janki Santoke, holds a doctorate in philosophy and is a domain expert and a reputed scholar of Vedanta. She wears many hats and is a lecturer, author, public speaker and a corporate resource. For the past three decades, she has been researching and propagating Vedanta, the ancient Indian philosophy of life and living. 

She studied and trained under the world renowned Vedanta scholar, Swami Parthasarathy, at the Vedanta Academy, completing a three-year full-time residential course. After completing her course, she continued to run various Vedanta Institutes in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, under his guidance.

As a teacher of Vedanta, her keen interest in English Literature, Mythology, Psychology, Epistemology, Sanskrit and Logical Thinking, complement her ability to add more perspective to all her teachings.