Mission 1000 Trees

Adopt A Tree.

Come, be part of Mission 1000!

On the occassion of World Nature Conservation Day on 28th July 2024, Vedanta Wisdom Trust invites you to be part of its Mission 1000 Trees, an initiative to not just plant 1000 saplings, but to also adopt and raise them into 1000 adult, full-grown, magnificent trees. 

To be implemented on the plot of land that will soon become the world’s first university based on the Indian philolosophy of life and living – Vedanta – these trees would also become integral to a revolution of human awakening.

So, come be part of not just conserving nature, but of also nurturing an environment where our next generations will learn to become… thought leaders…  change agents… missionaries of wisdom.

In fact, visualize your tree, the tree you adopt today, to be the one under which great study, profound thinking, and impactful action will germinate… your very own Bodhi Vruksha.

Donate generously.

Adopt as many trees as you can.

Let’s together create our oasis of a new World order.

One tree at a time!

A thousand in all, by 28th July 2024!!