Register Now: Bhagavad Gita In 20 Sesssions

Does the study of the Bhagavad Gita seem so overwhelming to you, that you cannot even get started?

This is understandable.

After all, the Bhagavad Gita consists of 18 chapters and 701 verses!

Big goals often freeze us into inaction.

The answer to that is to start “small”.

First get one’s feet wet.

Understand the main ideas.

Grasp the key concepts.

Start gathering momentum.

Get a thorough understanding, in a format designed to aid learning

The 18 chapters will be taught online in 20 pre-recorded sessions i.e 1 hour session per chapter. Chapters 2 and 18, which are long chapters, will be covered in 2 sessions each.

The entire course is designed to help you get a better grasp of the subject, get you prepared for a more thorough verse-by-verse study and to also prepare you to undertake the spiritual path.

And finally there will be an exam.

On completion of all of the above, certification will be awarded.

All of this will be in English. No need for you to know Sanskrit.

Begin a life-changing journey

So profound is the knowledge, that even a glimpse into it, would potentially change the course of your life.

Many have experienced this.

And we welcome you, also to.

Take action. Gift yourself a new life.

Start today!  

Learn at your own pace and get this life-changing knowledge. Please enter your details below and we will send you details on how to enrol for the course

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Dr. Janki Santoke, holds a doctorate in philosophy and is a reputed scholar of Vedanta – the ancient Indian philosophy of life and living. She wears many hats and is a lecturer, author, public speaker and a corporate resource. For the past three decades, she has been researching and propagating Vedanta.

She studied and trained under the world renowned Vedanta scholar, Swami Parthasarathy, at the Vedanta Academy, completing a three-year full-time residential course. After completing her course, she continued to run various Vedanta Institutes in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, under his guidance.

As a teacher of Vedanta, her keen interest in English Literature, Mythology, Psychology, Epistemology, Sanskrit and Logical Thinking, complement her ability to add more perspective to all her teachings.

Her book How Do You Know What You Know? – investigates thinking and its effect on our life through an interesting amalgamation of Indian epistemology, Vedanta, mythology, psychology, logic and literature. She is currently working on her second book on “happiness”.

She is currently also spearheading the setting up of the Vedanta Wisdom University – the world’s first university based on the teachings of Vedanta.

Please note:

Vedanta Wisdom Trust, under whose aegis this course is being conducted, is a not-for-profit trust formed with the objective of spreading the knowledge of Vedanta, the ancient Indian philosophy of life and living and runs on generous contributions of donors.

This course has a suggested donation of Rs. 2,000(eligible for 50% tax deduction under Section 80G). The donation is voluntary.  You can increase or decrease the amount as per your comfort and shraddha.